Women’s Social Club

Inspired by the meaning of yoga “to bring together,” we gather to celebrate women!

Featuring a panel of inspiring movers and shakers, each event focuses on a specific theme to guide the discussion. Includes live music, food & drink, and interactive art projects.


Past participants

PHX Renews
Abloom Salon + Gallery
Schmooze: Lady Connected
Magic Hour Bar
The Hive
Ahimsa Essentials
Sonoran Prevention Works
Megaphone Gallery
Noons Boutique
The Flowerchild Bruja
Phoenix Community Acupuncture
My Madre Tierra

Live music

Kathryn Jane of Drip Drop Records
Cassidy Hilgers of Hyperbella
Tatiana Crespo of Las Chollas Peligrosas
Marian Hanneken & Mariel Mariño



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